Eurostampi Plastics, rubber and composites

Eurostampi Plastics, rubber and composites

The Eurostampi Plastics, rubber and composites area at MECSPE is dedicated to the suppliers of this supply chain, which examines different processes: moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, extrusion, screen printing, painting, in mold labeling.

From design through materials, machinery, equipment and contract processing, the entire rubber-plastic-composites supply chain is represented in an exhibition whose main themes are sustainability and training.

Plastics, rubber and composite processing • Machines and plants • Innovative materials • Moulding • Extrusion • Packaging • Blow Moulding • Moulds • Models • Normalised parts for moulds• Design • Simulation and design software • Micro-processing • Auxiliary equipment


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Exhibitors’ opinions

first-hand accounts from the heart of the event

Henric Bernardinis – BILLION

Robin Neff – EWIKON

Massimo DeFazio – KRAIBURG

Vincenzo Maciocia – POPPELMANN

Sergio Monteverde – EWIKON

Maurizio Frigerio – MEUSBURGER

Andrea Azzini – TMP

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