Fabbrica Digitale

Digital Factory

The Digital Factory show will focus on the 4.0 Industry that represents the heart of the industry of the future, where technology and business are increasingly interconnected, creating a manufacturing of smart products.

From IT to Industrial Sensors, from Cloud Manufacturing to RIFD – NFC Near Field Communication to Software and machines able to communicate wirelessly through IoT (Internet of Things), this new production system will not only save the costs of production and trasport of materialbut also it will reduce the time and increase the speed of response. A new context for companies that no longer have to focus on the production cycle, but they will have to identify the key step of this process.

Industrial computing / IoT / Industrial sensors / Cloud-manufacturing / Automatic identification technologies / Applications, devices, instrumentation and smart components for interpreting and interconnecting processes

Exhibitors’ opinions

first-hand accounts from the heart of the event

Giosef Perricci – UPNOVA GROUP

Tor Dokken – CHANGE 2 TWIN

Monica Negri – IXON

Enrico Crippa – MATICS

Giovanna Benedikter – TBH

Stefano Benzi – PASSEPARTOUT

Lorenzo Frollini – FLYWALLET

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