Automazione e Robotica, the exhibition dedicated to robotics within MECSPE, focuses on synergy and close collaboration between robot manufacturers and system integrators. In this perspective Yaskawa presents the Area System Integrator by Yaskawa.

An initiative designed to highlight the value of the partnership between the company and its System Integrators. In the area adjacent to the Yaskawa stand, 5 more spaces will gravitate where some of the company’s integrators, examples of a much wider network of realities, will show visitors their salient applications realised with Yaskawa robots and motion control systems.

Teamwork is indispensable to further increase the added value to be put at the service of the market: the benefits that can be obtained from the use of Yaskawa products, which are already very high from a technological point of view, are in fact enhanced through the combination of specialised skills and high-quality complementary products.

But to develop new solutions and applications without promoting a proper dissemination of the culture about them would be like providing a one-sided service to the market. Partners and users have an exceptional viewpoint on the latest application requirements and the added value of Yaskawa’s technology and service.

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