TMP Square

The initiative, which was created to give greater visibility to the association and its members, and in which more and more companies are taking part (this year there are 13 companies), has also expanded over the past two years thanks to the organisation of demonstration areas. If last year’s edition featured the moulding with a ‘traditional’ press of a MUG cup, whose innovation stemmed from the material of the product (a thermoplastic based on renewable raw materials, specifically coffee grounds of industrial origin and PLA), this year the focus of the TMP Square is Additive Manufacturing, which has revolutionised the world of plastics in recent years. The protagonists of this activity will be Arburg and LATI, who will demonstrate 3D moulding with two different production technologies: the first based on granule and the second on wire. You will see how the Arburg Freeformer machine is able to produce components with complex geometries using up to two materials with ease, but with the special feature of using the plastic granulate material normally used in injection moulding machines. LATI, on the other hand, will be printing its own engineering materials from wire with the company’s Raise 3D Pro 3 machine, producing items for metal replacement. During the days of the fair, the two companies will share their knowledge with visitors through short technical speeches analysing the technology and materials used.

TMP members exhibiting in the Square:

Allod, thermoplastic rubber production, Burgbernheim, Germany;
Alfa Polimeri, plastics trading and distribution, Reggio Emilia;
Arburg, production of plastic moulding machines, Lossburg, Germany
Arte Plast, plastic moulding of technical articles, Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan);
Caldara Plast, plastics recovery and regeneration, Erba (CO);
CB – Costruzioni Brescianini, plastic moulding, Pogliano Milanese (Milan);
Compoteczeta, plastics compounding, Casale Litta (Varese);
Fratelli Maris, production of dies for plastics production, Rosta (Turin);
Green Chemicals and Seta Polymers, flame retardants and antioxidants, Desio (Monza-Brianza) and Fontaniva (Padua);
Guzman Polymers, plastics distribution, Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso);
Interpolimeri, plastics distribution, Pregnana Milanese (Milan);
LATI, high-performance thermoplastics, Vedano Olona (Varese);
Radici Group, production and processing of polyamides, Gandino (Bergamo).

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