Mold Square

Project DEMU

Hall 36 - A54

Enhancing the potential of advanced injection molding through the design of a small object made of polymers from renewable sources that has concrete utility, use value, and long-term meaning: this was the goal of the DEMU project, in which second-year students of the graduate course in Design organized in Vicenza by the Iuav University of Venice in collaboration with the Fondazione Studi Universitari di Vicenza participated.

The work was commissioned by a group of six international companies working in the supply chain offering the market cutting-edge injection molding technologies: , Ewikon (creator of the initiative with Iuav); Guzman Polymers, Uniform, Wittmann Battenfeld, Chem Trend, and Kistler.

Students’ projects

A total of as many as 23 projects were created by the students, who worked in small groups trying their hand at a real challenge.

The winning project, selected by the companies, is entitled “Jaketa”: it is a folding travel hanger, awarded for its features of immediacy, usefulness and ease of communication. Its authors, students Giulio Alberto Bortignon, Sara Griggio and Nicola Peron, won a prize of € 3,000 put up for grabs by the companies. Giulio and Sara will see their project mass-produced and used in the 2024 edition of the Mecspe fair, during which the companies will produce “Jaketa” directly during the event, inside the Mold Square (Hall 36 – A54).

Runner-up (with a prize of € 1,000) was the project “Squid”: a clothespin equipped for travel, chosen for the originality of the idea and the value in terms of sustainability.

Special mentions to three projects: “Snaptag”, a customizable key organizer, for “best developmental capacity”; “Eve,” a liquid dispender complete with eyeglass cleaning piece selected as “best design idea;” “In our hands”, a portable cigarette butt holder, for “greatest positive impact on the environment”.

For the special mentions, the prize will be a visit to one of the commissioning companies or a major industry in the area.

Award-winning Projects

1st Prize 

Project JAKETA
Giulio Alberto Bortignon, Sara Griggio and Nicola Peron

2nd Prize 

Project SQUID
Laura Bagarello, Aurora Pagnin and Elisa Zanetti

Special Mention
Best developmental capacity

Leonardo Mariano, Elia Martinazzi and Filippo Nardelli

Special Mention
Best design idea

Project EVE
Francesco Dusi, Lia Robusti and Tommaso Trevisol

Special Mention
Greatest positive impact on the environment

Giacomo Pagotto and Giorgia Pesavento

Initiative partners