Demonstrative Unit “Nanocomposites”

The state of the art technology for the production and real-time control of nano materials

RT Advanced of LINARI ENGINEERING, a leading company in technological innovation in the nanomaterials sector, is the first production machine for electrospinning of multi-material nanofibers and nanospheres with real-time integrated production control, never realized to date. The machine uses OMRON industrial components, to guarantee an optimized and highly engineered product, and represents the synthesis of the design, engineering and realization capacity of LINARI ENGINEERING, thanks to the installation of over 200 electrospinning machines operating at hundreds of important research centers of multinational companies and universities world-wide.

The in-line control system of the thickness reached by the nanomaterials on the collecting surface is realized thanks to the new OMRON ZW sensor, which is placed inside the electrospinning chamber (up to 60,000 V) and which can perform a measurement, contactless and therefore without contamination, with the accuracy of only 10 nanometers, thanks to a light beam collimated by a specific measuring head on the surface to be controlled.


Hall 6 – Booth E 10