Training the Future

Training path for schools in collaboration with CNOS-FAP (Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane – Formazione Aggiornamento Professionale)

Considering its exhibition contents with an high technology and innovation core, Mecspe puts the training among its main goals, aware that only from a virtuous mix between skilled uman resources and technologies it will be possible to develop a new “Renaissance” of the Italian manufacturing sector.

Thanks to the already begun collaboration with Centri Formazione Professionale Salesiani CNOS-FAP, also for the 2020 edition, the young will play an important role, thanks to a training internship that foresees the participation of 12 students in their 4th year.

In collaboration with:

Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane - Formazione Aggiornamento Professionale
Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane - Formazione Aggiornamento Professionale


The Event

MECSPE, meant in the classic way of trade show, according to an original layout will be structured into districts and squares that will define themes, where specific areas will be addressed to institutional demonstrative projects that will be illustrated to visitors’ groups during a stated schedule. Training and refresher workshops about specific themes, as for example modern mechanic simulation softwares, innovative materials, machinings with unconventional materials, will be alternated with moments dedicated to practical demonstrations.

The young have a unique chance to watch all the phases of the production process of a manufactured product, starting from its concept up to its realization; themes that, apart from the lessons foreseen in school labs, they could live only within a factory reality.

Students Entrance

Schools: Only last years of secondary school are admitted, accompanied by teachers (n. 1 every 10 students). Interested schools will have to send to the list of names and surnames of the visiting students and the name of the teacher (with mobile number) on letterhead of the Institute within 14th of February 2020.