Planning and Design Square by Materioteca


For the twelfth consecutive edition, Materioteca® manages the Project and Design Square within MECSPE® 2022 in Bologna, this year dedicated to the theme of lightness, a theme declined as one of the founding factors of sustainability.
The area presents a selection of examples illustrating the strategies of “designing light” and the containment of impacts on the ecosystem during the life cycle of manufactured products.
The purpose of lightweight design has often led to the development of entire material types, new production technologies and new application areas.
Using less material, resorting to technological innovation to create products with a better mass/efficiency ratio, saves not only economic but also environmental resources.
Materioteca® presents a series of products from different product sectors, the result of different lightweighting strategies, to show the transversality of the ‘lightweight project’.
And, as usual, all these stimulating virtuous examples will be illustrated by experts ready to answer any questions the public may have.
A Piazza dedicated to the environment and innovation, which will reveal to visitors ‘the unsuspected lightness of matter’.

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