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Michael Porter, an American academic and economist, and a top expert in managerial strategy, has co-authored an essay with with Mark Kramer that hypothesizes the need for companies to position their value chains within the environment, to be understood in the sense of planet Earth’s physical ecosystem..

Incorporating the environment into business competition strategies means bringing one’s own capabilities into play in order to identify and understand needs that go beyond the narrow scope of the market itself, and developing new products and services that have a positive effect on the social sphere, while at the same time generating profits for the company.

Large companies have already embarked down this pathway, and have learned first hand that if a new product or service meets a real and concrete need, this will increase the company’s turnover and profits, as well as the loyalty of its customers.

Examples include companies like Patagonia (technical outdoor clothing), which, in view of the need to conserve natural resources, decided to manufacture extremely durable products, and to offer its customers a repair service at all of its outlets.

And in addition to being useful to large corporations, these strategies are also beneficial to medium, small and micro enterprises as well.


At MECSPE, Materioteca® will address the topic of turnover ecology, or rather how to grow companies through environmental protection.

As usual, the area will feature a large collection of next generation products and materials, and descriptions of the latest technologies and services: examples of circular economy, waste materials, services that facilitate the closure of the cycles, value chains that improve environmental impacts, and countless other innovations, including the 3D printing of recycled materials. Experts in the field will act as guides for visitors, showing them the industry’s latest new developments.

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