Industrial Safety Square

HALL 5 – F19

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The Industrial Safety Square is the place where Ambiente Lavoro and MECSPE meet and deal with the issues related to safety at work in the industrial sector, with particular reference to the manufacturing industry.

Within the area, visitors will have the chance to learn more about the risks for industrial workers and how to prevent and face them, through seminars, training meetings and presentations of the solutions proposed by companies

We will talk about the new rules introduced in the context of the Covid19 emergency, such as the prevention of biological risk from Covid and similar factors, but also the issues that have always been central in the field of occupational safety in industry, such as:

man-machine safety, ergonomics and prevention of osteoarticular diseases, proper PPE management, chemical risk prevention, corporate well-being.

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Who can take part in the Industrial Security Square?

Companies that offer services and products, that reduce the risk to the industrial worker.

Product Sectors

Acoustics and vibrations
Work equipment
Training and information
Occupational medicine
Promotion and management
Machinery and parts protection
Personal protection
Cleaning and disinfection
Quality of work
Biological risks
Chemical hazards fumes gas vapours
Electrical safety
Lifting and transport

A new interactive exhibition formula:

  • Exhibition area that will allow visiting professionals to interpret and evaluate new market trends
  • Workshop and speech within the Square in order to illustrate products and case histories
  • Presentations of innovative products

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