The Facilitated Finance Square, the space created in collaboration with Innova Finance, offers MECSPE visitors the chance to meet some of the leading experts in the field.

Innova Finance is a reality that, since 2008, operates in the world of strategic consultancy in subsidised finance. Its technical structure is made up of professionals in engineering, mathematics, economics and law with many years of experience in facilitated finance and innovation projects. The team of experts makes its expertise available to support companies and public bodies in obtaining the most strategic financing for their development.

The process of accessing public and EU funds is complex, due to the structure of applications, the documentation required and the limited timeframe. This is why Innova Finance makes it simple, designing an ad hoc path according to the specific needs of each interested party. At the base of Innova Finance’s “operating machine” there is the synergy between specialists, each one with a consolidated experience in the fields of strategic development, planning, tax auditing and facilitated finance.

During the MECSPE days, Innova Finance professionals will be available to meet the visitors of the Fair, creating ad hoc paths for companies and providing support according to the specific needs of each company.

In the Facilitated Finance Square you will be able to pick up a voucher to use for one of Innova Finance’s services and take part in the selection to obtain a free 12-month analysis.