Salt/Pepper shaker

PAD 6 A56

Companies involved:

2+2-drop family mould for production of a polycarbonate Sabic Lexan ML3729 salt/pepper shaker consisting of two components (container and bottom lid) with different shot weights. Full hot runner system featuring a combination of valve gating with electric drive units controlled by EDC-PRO unit and open gating. Injection molding machine Wittmann Battenfeld servo-hydraulic with TEMpro controller integrated in Unilog B8 machine control panel. MES TEMI PLast 4.0 software connection

  • Material: PC Sabic Lexan ML3729
  • Type and model of the machine: Wittmann Battenfeld SmartPower 120
  • Machine cycle time: 20s
  • Clamping force: 120T
  • Injection group: 350 vite dia 40 mm
  • Partners: Ewikon, Wittmann Battenfeld, Guzman Global, ICEflex