Composite materials square – Pav.6

Composite materials are characterised by remarkable versatility in terms of usability. They are the only materials that can be “designed”, offering the option of optimising the various variables that define them, based on specific product requirements.

These and other interesting topics will be addressed within the COMPOSITE MATERIALS SQUARE: a demonstration and information space devoted to the latest innovationsapplications and technologies in the industry, with the aim of making it easier for companies to search for improved solutions in order to increase mechanical performance, aesthetics and functional use of their products.

The Composite Materials Square is part of MECSPE, a reference trade fair for excellence in technology applied to the industry (Parma, 22-24 March 2018), inside Hall 6 and later replicated at the Technology Hub trade fair as well, a professional event dedicated to innovative technologies for the future (Milan, 17-19 May 2017).

Thanks to the scientific contribution of CETMA, the European Research Centre for Technologies, Design and Materials, the square will provide trade fair participants with a vast and qualified schedule of workshops, practical demonstrations of products and processes and the presentation of excellent case histories.

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Focus of the Square:

Composite materials are increasingly used in the transport sector and forecasts for the coming years indicate steady growth. This trend is primarily a consequence of the high strength/weight ratio that these materials guarantee.

The need to meet the performance, cost and eco-sustainability requirements of the specific sectors requires the development of increasingly new solutions. The Mecspe event will offer the chance to all companies operating in the composite materials sector to compare emerging solutions in terms of:

  • New raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Testing and design
  • Innovative transformation processes with a special focus on out-of- autoclave processes
  • Recycling and eco-sustainability

Main application areas:

  • aeronautical-aerospace
  • automotive
  • nautical-marine
  • railway

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