Ascomut Village

The presence of the Ascomut Association, Macchine Tecnologie e Utensili, is also confirmed at this edition.

The Association that represents import and distribution companies and branches of foreign companies of the following sectors: machine tools; tools; workshop equipment, auxiliaries and accessories; measuring and control instruments; chemical products for production and maintenance has been present at MECSPE for 17 editions.

“We are trying hard to get out of the climate of the health emergency that has kept us apprehensive for far too long and that inevitably affects our personal, family, social and business life. Realistically, we do not know how and in how much time this global crisis can be said to be truly overcome and what and how much damage it will have caused on the socio-economic fabric of our country, but in our DNA as entrepreneurs, there is a propensity for optimism, even as we keep our feet well on the ground: we must look ahead with confidence, seek spaces for positivity and opportunities for growth. In this sense we are projected towards the second half of the year with a spirit and a desire for revenge. Of course, we are aware that we will not really be able to turn the page before 2022, but the November edition of MEC.SPE and the ASCOMUT village that will be built within it represent a goal, a possible turning point, a strong signal that our association considers it important to strengthen the climate of trust. The positive trend of the market in this first part of 2021 encourages us to look ahead and to maintain a proactive attitude. Our companies have been able to face a storm of unimaginable dimensions and are now ready to sail seas that we all hope will be calmer. ASCOMUT will do its part”. Andrea Bianchi, President of ASCOMUT