Ascomut Village

Also confirmed at this edition is the presence of the Ascomut, Macchine Tecnologie e Utensili Association.

The Association that represents import and distribution companies and branches of foreign companies of the following sectors: machine tools; tools; workshop equipment, auxiliaries and accessories; measurement and control instruments; chemical products for production and maintenance has been present at MECSPE for 17 editions.

Dr. Andrea Bianchi, President of the Association, had this to say about the Ascomut Village:

“The expectations placed on 2022 have unfortunately not been fully confirmed.

On the one hand, companies can count on a truly extraordinary order book, but on the other hand there are too many unknown factors weighing on the manufacturing sector: criticalities in the procurement of raw materials, rising costs in logistics, supply chain disruptions, difficulties in accessing primary markets … the ‘cahier de doléance’ would require many pages and a detailed treatment to dissect the implications of the current emergency.

In order to elaborate flexible strategies and look for alternative paths in the common interest, it therefore becomes even more important to choose to ‘network’ and strengthen opportunities for meeting and comparison such as MECSPE.

The Ascomut Village in this edition of MECSPE moves in the wake of continuity, recalling the centrality of associationism and networking. But it also proposes to launch a signal of optimism and openness for the near future. Despite the precariousness of the current situation, Ascomut and its companies reaffirm a leading role and are ready to “play their cards” in favour of the Country System, strong in technology and know-how.”