An increasingly dynamic transition

Italian-German Forum within the framework of the MECSPE exhibition
Bologna, 6th March 2024


2pm - 4pm (TBD)

Sustainable mobility, digitalisation and safety are the three themes that characterise today’s global automotive industry.

Automotive’s Companies are investing heavily in the production of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. This transition is driven by a number of factors, including growing environmental concerns, new regulations and new market opportunities.

Digitalisation is another important topic for the automotive industry. Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with digital technologies, such as infotainment systems, advanced safety systems and autonomous driving systems. Digitalisation is changing the way people interact with cars and creating new opportunities for car manufacturers.

Safety, which has always been a priority for the automotive industry, requires manufacturers to invest in new technologies such as automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection systems.

Added to all this is the trend of sharing, a new form of mobility that is changing the way people get around. Shared mobility services, car sharing or ride hailing offer new market opportunities for manufacturers to propose models designed for the specific business, but also for the entire supply chain for new component supplies.

Italian carmakers are investing in the transition towards sustainable mobility and digitalisation because they have realised the importance of remaining innovative in order to ensure the right level of competitiveness in the global market.

The II° FORUM AUTOMOTIVE 2024 aims to provide the entire automotive supply chain with a macroeconomic and technological vision of the sector. Through the testimony of experts and the presentation of success stories, the interesting opportunities offered by the market will be highlighted.

The automotive production chain in Italy

5.528 enterprises
273.600 employees (direct and indirect), 7.3% of those employed in the Italian manufacturing sector
86,2 miliardi Euro in turnover, equal to 9.9% of manufacturing turnover in Italy and 5.2% of Italy’s GDP 76.3 billion Euro in motor vehicle taxation

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