Villaggio Confartigianato

Italy holds the record in Europe for the highest number of artisan enterprises and small businesses, and Confartigianato Imprese is the largest European network that represents these people’s interests and provides them with services. Established in 1946, Confartigianato accompanies companies as they evolve, combining traditional ancient trades and innovative activities using advanced technologies.
Confartigianato Meccanica is part of the Confartigianato system that alongside artisans and small entrepreneurs, with the activity of 103 territorial associations and 21 regional federations, accompanies the evolution of businesses in which coexist tradition of ancient crafts and innovation of activities using the latest technologies.

Tradition and technology, experience and innovation: this is the recipe for the success of the products that come out of the craft enterprises of mechanics.
Common objects and masterpieces of high engineering, all bear the signature of the quality of Made in Italy manufacturing.

Confartigianato will be present also in 2023 with Il “Villaggio”, a dynamic group of companies,  accompanied by a series of events of sure interest to the public of Mecspe and that will be hosted in the institutional lounge of Confartigianato

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