TMP Square

TMP Square

Hall 36 - C18

A well-established event for TMP, the Square annually features a large number of members representing the heterogeneity of the association’s membership. From material producers to converters, compounders to die makers, everything related to the world of plastics can be found in the TMP Square.

If in previous editions the association has given space to demonstration areas that highlighted the technical activities of members, this year TMP wants to tell its story through a common informative area: activities aimed at young people and schools, those aimed at sustainability and unmasking greenwashing, those with the purpose of information and technical training, and last but not least, the activity of sharing experiences and networking among members will be given voice.

TMP members exhibiting in the Square:

  • Albis Plastic Italia, plastics distributor, Milan, Italy;
  • Allod, development, production and trade of thermoplastic elastomers, Burgbernheim, Germany;
  • Arte Plast, mold making and plastic molding, Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan);
  • Brescia Master, production of masterbatches and additives for plastics, Poncarale (Brescia);
  • Caldara Plast, recovery and regeneration of plastic materials, Erba (Como);
  • CB – Costruzioni Brescianini, plastics molding, Pogliano Milanese (Milan);
  • Compoteczeta, compound production and processing, Casale Litta (Varese, Italy);
  • Esseti Plast GD by Ascend, masterbatch, color and additive production, Saronno (Varese);
  • FB Tecnopolimeri, compound production and processing, Cremosano (Cremona);
  • Fratelli Maris, construction of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, Rosta (Turin);
  • GAGGIO-TECH, Plastic molding and sheet metal working c/third party, coffee machine assembly, Gaggio Montano (Bologna)
  • Green Chemicals, flame retardants and antioxidants, Desio (Monza-Brianza);
  • GS4PLASTIC, Consulting, training, additives, design, molds and packaging, Urgnano (Bergamo)
  • Icma San Giorgio, construction of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, San Giorgio su Legnano (MiIano);
  • Lehvoss Italia, production and marketing of thermoplastic compounds, Origgio (Varese, Italy);
  • Seta Polymers, masterbatch and compound production, Fontaniva (Padua)
  • SMART MOLD – Gruppo Sirmax, Engineering company specializing in injection molding, Cittadella (Padova)

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