MECSPE Sustainability Pathway

MECSPE Sustainability Pathway

Sustainability is an increasingly central topic in business strategies and is considered a top priority by 8 out of 10 SMEs.

Embarking on a sustainability path, in its three declinations of environmental, social and governance, represents an essential choice to face the many global challenges and respond to market and stakeholder demands.

More organisations will have to report on their environmental, social and governance performance; this change not only involves large companies, but also all those SMEs that are part of the supply chain. Reporting on one’s commitment to sustainability is also a great opportunity to increase a company’s brand reputation and value by highlighting the initiatives implemented and achievements made.

The EcoFriendly Path evolves into “MECSPE Sustainability Target Path”, an initiative aimed to give visibility and reward exhibitors who have already embarked on a path of sustainability.At the stand of Project Hub 360, located in the Exhibition Centre, it will be possible to carry out a free preliminary assessment of the degree of sustainability of one’s own company, through a pre-assessment addressing environmental, social, governance and communication sustainability. Project Hub 360 will assess companies through the ESG+C method, based on national and international standards such as the SDGs, GRIs, ESRS and the SRG 88088 standard. The companies that demonstrate the most virtuous commitment to sustainability will be rewarded at the end of the event.

Companies that participated

AMES Group Sintering S.A | AREDICI SRL | AutoStore System | BART Srl | BONFATTI FILETTATURE SRL | C.B. srl Costruzioni Brescianini | CABLOTECH SRL | CALDARA PLAST SRL | Colombo Special Fasteners Srl | Cosberg SPA | Delma srl | EAM LUCIDATURA SRL | EC INTERNATIONAL GORUP | Eurolls SpA | F.B. Tecnopolimeri S.r.l. | FLAMA S.R.L. | GALMAR SAS DI GALLETTI ANGELA E C. | Hexagon Metrology Spa | Hydro Extrusion Italy | INCARICOTECH S.r.l. | Kolver Srl – Società Benefit | LINTEC Europe B.V. | LK Srl | Maesys Srl | MARPOSS ITALIA S.P.A. | Mollificio Modenese | Nadir SRL | OMCR SRL | Plasmatreat Italia Srl | Plastmeccanica S.r.l. a socio unico | Reggiana Macchine Utensili SRL | rose plastic Italia Srl | S.A.I.T.A. SRL | Sirmax Group | STS SRL | TECNOMETAL SRL | Tellure Rôta S.p.A. | TESSARI LUIGI & C. SNC | TORNERIA FANTI R. srl | Torneria Gambelli srl | TRAFILIX INDUSTRIES (Trafilix Spa) | TREVISAN SRL | TST Srl | URSUS SPA | UTENSILMEC SNC DI CENEDESE FABIO E SILVIA | Valmet Plating S.r.l. | Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. | WASP SRL


Sustainability Objective Award: Autostore system
Motivation: Well-established approach to sustainability that includes all ESG areas with reference to SDGs; establishment of a VP of Sustainability and an internal group of sustainability ambassadors; internal control on emissions with focus on Scope 3; annual budget for social projects; possibility for employees to volunteer during working hours and various benefits also for mental well-being.

Sustainable Process Award: Trafilix
Motivation: Innovative ASPO in order to optimise the insertion phases in the drawbench; automatic line for the initial treatment of steel bars that eliminates the risks associated with the handling and surface treatment phase of the bundles to which machine operators were exposed; installation of photovoltaic panels; latest-generation shot-blasting line, with improved dust abatement system; with a view to the circular economy, the residual sludge from the grinding process is sent for recovery.

Sustainable Product Award: OMCR
Motivation: BSH swarf compactor that enables volume reduction of industrial waste by up to 80% and coolant recovery by up to 90%. It is a sustainable solution as the transport of compacted swarf eliminates the risk of spilling harmful liquids into the environment and optimises transport efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Product Award: Sts
Motivation: washing systems structured in such a way as to drastically reduce environmental waste production and energy consumption; use of a proprietary detergent with safety data sheet 0.0.0; the technology enables the recycling of water and detergent used in the process and thus the reduction of consumption by up to 6 times compared to traditional systems.

“Seeing our initiatives and investments recognised as relevant Sustainable Processes is a great source of pride for us. We want to continue pursuing the path of sustainability, which we started in 2020 with the ‘Together We Change’ project, with forward-looking and innovative actions.

The market today shows that sustainability is an urgent topic, recognising its added value even at trade fairs.

The surveys proposed to the company and our stakeholder engagement activities return a proactive entrepreneurial fabric, ready to face the challenges of the future.”

Federica Giorgi, Sustainabilty Manager Lucefin Group

“We are proud to have received at MECSPE 2024 the award for our innovative washing technology in the “Sustainable Product” category of the Objective Sustainability Path.
As the only company among the washing systems manufacturers present at the exhibition, STS sees its commitment to environmental sustainability, which began 30 years ago, rewarded. The motivation for the award recognises that our washing systems are structured in such a way as to drastically reduce environmental waste production and energy consumption. STS’s proprietary bicarbonate-based detergent has a 0.0.0 safety data sheet, and our technology allows the water and detergent used in the process to be recycled with a drastic reduction in consumption compared to traditional systems.
Thank you to Project HUB and MECSPE for recognising and rewarding our commitment to the environment. This award motivates us to further develop our washing technology along the path of sustainability.
Sustainability starts with awareness and responsibility.

Claretta Doccioli, Marketing & Sales Department STS

“OMCR started a sustainability journey a few years ago that involves several areas: from responsible supply chain practices to a production plant that is almost entirely powered by a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, to the inclusion of our chip compactors in our production lines. The ‘Sustainable Product’ award for our eco-friendly chip compactor solution repays us for our efforts in developing innovative and environmentally friendly products and encourages us to continue to make our contribution to a greener future for all”

Fabienne Toso, Marketing & Communication Specialist OMCR

“We are thrilled to receive the Sustainability Target Path award at MECSPE Bologna 2024. This recognition confirms not only our commitment to providing customers with the most innovative and sustainable solutions, but also our strong focus on our people and the communities in which we operate. Considering that more and more organizations will need to report on their environmental, social, and governance performance, being able to position ourselves as ESG compliant across various areas is satisfying. We are proud that our forward-looking and pioneering attitude has been acknowledged in all aspects of our business.”

Francesco Mantegna, Managing Director AutoStore Italia

Senaf obtained ISO 20121 certification in 2023 in order to create and provide a sustainability management system for live events, assessing and monitoring all the processes involved in running an event in compliance with social and economic sustainability parameters. The principles and values in which SENAF is reflected can be seen in the following points:
  • Create a work culture that encourages the promotion of sustainability and the adoption of key sustainability issues.
  • Enable the personal development of all employees and strengthen available resources through innovation, training and learning.
  • Allocate sufficient resources to provide and maintain the sustainable management system.
  • Understand how we can reduce our impact on the environment to ensure a sustainable industry to grow in the future.
  • Involve stakeholders in a transparent and inclusive manner on sustainability principles to encourage their support and feedback or sustainable outcomes. This includes sharing knowledge and good working practices to help stakeholders adopt sound and sustainable management practices.
  • Integrate consideration of sustainability into the organisation of live events that adhere to and, where possible, exceed the ISO 20121 standard, to maintain compliance.
  • Procurement of products and services that are sustainably produced or supplied to promote stewardship.
  • Integrating sustainability into the procurement of our products and requiring suppliers to meet these requirements through specifications and contracts.
  • Maintain healthy and safe working conditions for employees.
  • Being profitable to create long-term value.
  • Conduct our business with honesty, good faith and without fraud and deception.
  • Enhance our reputation as a responsible company by supporting local communities and responsible business initiatives.