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13 March 2017

The recovery of mechanical SMEs makes MECSPE 2017 completely sold out


A lively division that left behind the conjuncture: this is the scene of the companies belonging to the Italian mechanics and subsupply that emerges from the last edition of the MECSPE ObservatoryMore than 6 enterpreneurs out of 10 (65.5%) are fully satisfied for the performances of their own companies, strong thanks to turnovers that – looking at the end of 2016, compared to the same period in 2015 – are considered growing by the 37% and stable by the 49.7%, with the substantial stability of the employees number (for the 72.9%). The orders are suitable for the financial needs (78.6%), the liquidity is good for the 60.2%, but above all there is an extreme confidence in the good trend of the market, in the short period, with almost the half of the companies (47.9%) that foresees an increase and the 44.8% stability.

A new impulse that translates into desire to be again the protagonist of the market. As a matter of fact MECSPE 2017 – an exhibition that is the reference point for the 4.0 manufacturing sector – registers record numbers with over 1,800 exhibitors and more than 40,000 expected visitors who will enlive the 105,000 m² of the exhibition surface in the halls of Fiere di Parma (Fairground), which will be completely full. The ‘traditional’ halls 2 (with Macchine Utensili and Trattamenti e Finiture trade shows), 3 (Macchine Utensili and Subfornitura Meccanica), 5 (Fabbrica Digitale, Subfornitura Elettronica, Motek Italy, Control Italy, Power Drive, Logistica), 6 (Eurostampi and Additive Manufacturing) will be joined by the hall 8 that hosts the participation request of companies that work in the different areas of Subsupply and Treatments and Finishing, and the hall 4 that will be the core of the next edition, completely dedicated to the 4.0 Digital Factory.

Always careful to present to the Italian companies the trends and the technological evolution of the division, MECSPE 2017 places in the middle of the exhibition the 4.0 subjects, dedicating them an entire hall (hall 4), where it will be possible to see their versatility and the application potential through the realization of a series of initiatives like the area dedicated to reverse engineering and additive manufacturing, new planning horizons, where the different machining phases will be realized: from scanning to data capture, from the new version of mathematics to the realization of files for the additive production, up to the reproduction of the item thanks to the Additive Manufacturing. Moreover, a detail will be identified, produced with stock removal technologies, and then also realized with additive technologies, highlighting aspects like speed, lightening, assembly time and cost reduction (for customized productions). Or the “Connected manufacturing process” initiative with self-optimizing machining cell, that will show how machines tools, made “smart” thanks to the Internet of Things and the integration of measurement and control systems, allow activities for the monitoring of the operative working and of the order management, giving at the same time information for the efficientness of the company cost.

There is also space for the Collaborative robotics and the 4.0 logistics, an area where visitors will be able to admire cobots, busy with handling, assembly and quality control operations, interconnected to IoT technologies. In particular, the dimensional control will show the artificial intelligence (deep learning), while the assembly will be an adaptive one. Finally, an innovative vision system will increase the robot safety and productivity through a predictive advanced system in order to extend and improve the sharing of the spaces between man and robot. In order to show how it is possible that humans and cobots collaborate safely, will be realized a technological bar where the robots will be at the service of the visitors, offering them drinks and snacks.

To show the advantages that the 4.0 technologies will be able to give to the different divisions of the manufacturing sector, the hall 4 will host the Motorsport Area – an excellence division of the manufacturing sector from Emilia-Romagna country – where the garage part, that will show six chains dedicated to the most innovative technologies for precision machinings related to milling and turning, will be joined by an exhibition part with racing cars and their performing details and a driving simulator based on the “Oculus Rift” virtual reality, managed by the UNIPR RACING team from Parma University, that will allow visitors to feel the emotions of driving on a racing circuit.

Around this exhibition-core, MECSPE 2017 will create an event able to offer a panoramic view on materials, machines and innovative technologies, thanks to the synergy of 11 theme trade shows, 50 training moments, 10 Excellence Squares and 10 Demonstrative Units, that will show live processes and solutions, able to imprint a concrete transformation to the Italian manufacturing sector.

For the next edition, Trattamenti e Finiture – the biennial trade show dedicated to surface treatments and finishing, is again a protagonist and this year extends its action range to the wood and will be focused on the nanotechnologies – will join the Macchine e Utensili trade showwith the best of the chain of the mechanical machinings with stock removal and the innovative tools with a dedicated district, and Eurostampi, Macchine and Subfornitura Plastica, where, thanks to the presence of the most important suppliers of the chain, it will be possible to see the different machinings of plastic and rubber, whereas Additive Manufacturing will show rapid prototyping and 3D printing applications in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the production and prototyping process, assuring higher flexibility with reduced time and cost. Like last year, it will be given huge visibility to the whole sector of the industrial subsupply, not only in the plastic sphere, but also in mechanics and electronics:Subfornitura Elettronica, a showcase for the electronic outsourcing world, where companies from assembly and planning can present their own competences and know-how, introducing themselves as suppliers and not only as potential customers, whereas the Subfornitura Meccanica tradeshowwillhighlight the industrial machinings on behalf of a third party, presenting specialized suppliers at the cutting edge. Fabbrica Digitale completes the offer of MECSPE: this trade show is dedicated to the technologies for industrial IT, identification, sensoristics, IoT and cloud manufacturing, that will be put into a context completely dedicated to automation through the synergy with Motek Italy and its solutions for the handling, assembly and automation of the factory; Control Italy, with the testing and measurement instrumentationand control for the quality; Power Drive, dedicated to systems and components for the transmission of mechanical, hydraulic-pneumatic power and mechatronics, and the Logistica trade show focused on movement and industrial material handling, from a lean manufacturing and supply chain management point of view.

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