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15 September 2017

Mechanics and Industry 4.0: culture and technology at the service of people

The ingredients of MECSPE 2018 to lead companies into the future

Human technology at the service of the people, that focuses on individuals and is able to pick up on their wishes and needs. According to the recent Accenture Technology Vision 2017 study on the relationship between technology and people, this seems to be the new digital experience frontier. The study identified in this close relationship and in the creation of technology designed to adapt to the behaviour of individuals the main emerging trends that will have the biggest impact on the market and the world over the next three years.

A transformation that goes hand in hand with the process underway, called Industry 4.0, and for which the next edition of MECSPE – the manufacturing 4.0 event promoted by Senaf (Parma Exhibition Centre, from 22-24 March 2018) – will be an important reference point to understand its progress through the promotion of digital culture and the skills required to approach new technological tools.

Taking into account people’s specific behaviour allows us to improve not just our relationship with employees, but also the quality of their work and productivity – says Senaf Director, Emilio BianchiThe focus on human resources is a fundamental prerequisite that, along with the thorough knowledge of technology and the informed use of new tools, has become one of the essential points to define a company in the era of Industry 4.0. The scenario emerging from the Observatory of Milan’s Polytechnic shows positive signals in this regard, with a level of awareness about the topic among entrepreneurs up from 62% to 92% in a year and a market that in our country is already worth 1.7bn euros. We are confident Italy is rising to the challenge at play for its economic future, though keeping on heading in this direction and seizing all potential opportunities requires expertise and skills, which can only be acquired by studying and constantly keeping up to date”

To contribute to the definition of a competitive map for the manufacturing system of Italian SMEs, all the special initiatives of the next edition of MECSPE will focus on enhancing the flexibility, efficiency and containment of consumption in factories now and in future through the distinctive elements of the fourth industrial revolution, like additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics and the innovations of the man-machine interface, the Internet of Things, industrial internet and cloud manufacturing. The topic of the “Digital factory 4.0” will be covered again in the trade event in an entire hall (Hall 4), where visitors will be able to see for themselves the progress of new “manufacturing made in Italy” and admire how the integration of enabling technologies leads to increasingly advanced and interconnected manufacturing. Moreover, as materials and the relative technologies are an increasingly crucial aspect in defining processes, we created the “New room of non-ferrous materials and alloys” (aluminium, titanium, magnesium, composites and technologies). This is a new area that, through demos and theme-based conferences, will offer visitors interesting technological transfer ideas and new design and manufacturing solutions for light products.

But MECSPE reaches beyond Parma. The story of an Italian alternative to the industry 4.0 model will continue with 3 new stops to get closer to the “MECSPE laboratories – DIGITAL FACTORY, the Italian way to industry 4.0”, a tour of conferences to clarify and guide companies along the route towards digitalization launched by the National Industry 4.0 Plan. Scheduled talks will focus on “Plastics and Automotive” (Modena, 9 October), “Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium and Motorsport” (Brescia, 13 November), “Composite Materials and Aerospace” (Naples, 5 February) and will involve talks between entrepreneurs and associations, with the presentation of economic scenarios, interpretation models of the phenomenon and outstanding innovation cases.

The numbers of MECSPE 2017

45,817 visitors, 105,000 sqm of exhibiting area, 2,051 exhibitors, 10 squares of excellence, 58 demonstrative units and working isles, 7 thematic districts, 11 thematic shows, 75 technical conventions organized by businesses, universities and associations.

The shows of MECSPE

Macchine e Utensili – Machines Tools and Equipment; Fabbrica Digitale – Information Technologies for a Smart Factory Management; Motek Italy – Factory Automation; Power Drive – Systems, Components, Mechatronics; Control Italy – Metrology and Quality Control; Logistica – Systems for Logistics Management, Machines and Equipment; Subfornitura Meccanica – Third parties processing; Subfornitura Elettronica – Design, Electronics; Manufacturing, Components, Accessories; Eurostampi, Macchine e subfornitura plastica – Moulds and Moulding, Plastic Materials and Rubber Processing; Additive Manufacturing – Rapid Prototiping and 3D Printing; Trattamenti Superficiali – Machines and Plants for Surface Treatment and Finishing

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