In the Green Transition area, environmental sustainability will be discussed, but not only. Sustainability will be presented through its three pillars: environmental, social, governance and above all as a competitive advantage that guarantees business stability and continuity. A strategic approach that aims at a new responsible way towards the environment and society can generate shared value and is a key competitive factor. The integration of sustainability in all business processes is reflected in important benefits in terms of efficiency, innovation, cost reduction, customer relations, risk management and much more.

Project HUB 360 will accompany you to learn about funded projects, technologies, pathways, tools, and certifications to facilitate the Green Transition of your business, through the testimony of researchers, companies, trainers, consultants, and credit institutions. The proposed topics include the role of Industry 4.0 in the implementation of sustainability paths, the quantitative and data-driven approach to measure the performance of the three areas of sustainability and define targets.

Visitors to MECSPE will be able to attend the first presentation to the industrial world of the MutiOptimal 360® tool, a multi-criteria decision support tool that allows to combine functionality, costs, environmental sustainability and safety.

The Scuola Etica di Alta Formazione Leonardo (scheme owner) will present the SRG 88088:20 scheme, the sustainability management certification recognised by Accredia, which allows to demonstrate, with independent third-party assessment, the company’s commitment to ESG sustainability.


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