Jorio Srl

Jorio Srl

We deliver solutions in the field of mechanical prototyping; our solid experience is empowered by integrated processes of mechanical and digital technologies, to make your projects come true in a very short time.

The prototypical parts created include components in plate, cutting processed, as well as bending, drilling and cupping, multi axle milling, electro discharge wire cutting, and are completed with the planning and production of control and testing equipment.

We generally create a few dozens of pieces, but considering the mathematic data, the specific informations on such parts and most of all, thanks to our machinery integrated with highly advanced digital systems, we can easily switch from prototyping to pre-production and finally to the production phase.

We are mainly active in the following fields: Automotive, Electric, Electronic, Home Appliances, Medical, Telecommunications, Food, for which we deliver technical components requiring fine mechanic know-how and ability.