MECSPE: the best technologies to make industry more competitive

With the 2019 edition and the new talks of the digital factory laboratories, Senaf brings PMIs together to increase Italian production

The Industry 4.0 National Plan represented the chance for Italian companies to take advantage of the opportunities connected to the fourth industrial revolution with tangible benefits at more than a year away. As the Milan Polytechnic Observatory reports, the Industry 4.0 market in Italy in 2017 reached a value of €2.3-2.4 billion, with a growth of 30% compared to the previous year. A confident push that paves the way for the possibility of being positioned in line with the forecast on global investments in services and technologies enabling the digital transformation of the Worldwide Semi-annual Digital Transformation Spending Guide” of IDC, which indicates that the expense on a global level of solutions in 2018 should reach $1,100 billion (in 2017 it touched 958 billion), with smart manufacturing in the lead ($333 billion).

Precisely to continue demonstrating the current process of transformation in the world of industries, for the next edition of MECSPE, the largest Italian manufacturing event (Parma exhibition centre from 28 through 30 March 2019), Senaf will focus on the content proposed on innovative ideas which allow an increase in Italian production.

An edition that is even more cutting-edge and transversal to find the desired solution in the commodities offered and/or a stimulus of technological transfer, thanks to the synergy of the thematic areas developed by the event and the exhibition core initiative that will be set up, as usual, in Pavilion 4, providing concrete proof of the frontier of digitalisation for factories, 4.0 enabling systems and technologies that contribute to designing modern industry.

This strong attractive hub will be surrounded by the mechanical processing, plastic processing, rubber and composites processing supply chains, as well as those of non ferrous materials and alloys, electromechanical and electronic processing, automation and digital factory, exhibitors of the 12 halls that make up the event:

Mechanical Subcontracting, the exhibition hub on industrial processing for third parties and the second largest MECSPE hall; Electronic Subcontracting, an area where electronic component design and assembly companies will be able to provide their expertise in creating increasingly higher performance and intelligent products in line with current market needs; Machines and Utensils, dedicated to machines for mechanical machining and shavings removal; Treatments and Finishes, biannual exhibit dedicated to surface treatments and finishes; Control Italy, the exhibit dedicated to control, metrology and the quality system; Motek Italy, exhibit dedicated to robotics, manipulation, assembly and system integrators and Power Drive, dedicated to mechanical, oil-hydraulic and pneumatic power transmissions, as well as mechatronics; Logistics, specialised on issues of industrial logistics and warehouses; Eurostampi – Plastic, rubber and composite machines and subcontracting; Additive Manufacturing, focusing on professional 3D printing technologies with an in depth look at mechanics, prototyping, modelling and industrial design; Digital Factory, entirely oriented toward issues related to the intelligent factory and the benefits of this new production system in terms of cost and time (from information technology to industrial sensors, from Cloud Manufacturing to automatic identification technologies, all the way to software and machines capable of wireless communication through the Internet of things); Non-ferrous materials and alloys.

Laboratorio_Napoli_PubblicoHowever, the MECSPE voyage does not go through only the spring event at the Parma Exhibition Centre, nor do the proposals and concrete examples to pave the Italian way for industry 4.0. In a scenario that strives to have an increasingly competitive system thanks to collaboration between universities, research centres, the system of companies and PMIs, Senaf gives a voice to the heritage of companies and the story of case history 4.0 made in Italy in a new cycle of meetings between 2018 and 2019 of the DIGITAL FACTORY MECSPE LABORATORIES, The Italian way for Industry 4.0, which comes ahead of the next edition of the annual and eagerly awaited exhibition event. Who has been able to keep up with the rapid digital transformation process? Who has accelerated their progress compared to the competitors? Who, on the other hand, could have, but was unable to gain access to the Calenda Plan incentives? These and many other points will be tackled by the testimonies that will resume from Brescia on 21 September:

 “In this delicate phase of transition that has struggled to see the definition of a new government, the confidence of Italian entrepreneurs has not died for an industrialisation plan that a strong dynamic push had reactivated after an initial uphill start – stated Maruska Sabato, MECSPE Project ManagerNow more than ever, we believe that we must come alongside our fabric of PMIs and listen to the enterprises in order to take stock of the situation and understand which is the best road to follow. Every territory is different, with its particularities and complexities. This is why we will cross it again this year, from north to south, going through those symbolic districts that embody the realities on which we should focus in the development process that we hope to see in our country.”

After Brescia, it will be Turin’s turn and then Catania’s, Parma’s again (on the occasion of the grand opening of the 18th edition of MECSPE that will be held at the Parma exhibition centre from 28 through 30 March 2019) and Padua’s.


MECSPE 2018 by the numbers

12 themed Halls, 28 demonstration units, 5 squares of excellence, 2,260 Companies present, 58 Conventions and Workshops, 110,000 sqm of exhibition space.



Machines and tools – machine tools, tool and equipment; Digital Factory – information technologies for intelligent factory management; Motek Italy – factory automation; Power Drive – Systems- Parts – Mechatronics; Control Italy – metrology and quality control; Logistics – systems for logistic management, machines and equipment; Mechanical Subcontracting – subcontracting of industrial processing; Electronic Subcontracting – design, electronic processing, parts and accessories; Eurostampi, Machines and plastic subcontracting – moulds and moulding; the processing of plastic materials from rubber and composites; Additive Manufacturing – rapid prototyping and 3D printing; Processing and Finishing – machines and installations for processing and finishing of surfaces; Non-ferrous materials and alloys – aluminium, titanium, magnesium.


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