MECSPE 2018: all the 4.0 news and initiatives for the plastic-rubber industry

The recovery of the Italian economy seems to be consolidated and this is mainly thanks to our industry. Although according to estimates by the Confindustria Research Centre, recovery to pre-crisis levels will only materialise in 2021. During the last year, Italy’s GDP grew by 1.5% and Istat estimates a similar increase for 2018. Until October 2017, the Italian manufacturing sector generated a turnover of 36 billion Euro more, and the value produced by our industries is expected to reach 872 billion in 2017, compared to 800 in 2013. In this context, the rubber and plastic products manufacturing industry continues to produce sound numbers, recording a 0.4% increase in October 2017 compared to September and +3.6% compared to October 2016, while growth stands at +1.6% in the first ten months.

Great attention will be paid specifically to the world of plastics, rubber and composite materials at the upcoming edition of MECSPE, the manufacturing 4.0 trade fair promoted by Senaf, which will be held at Parma Fairground  from 22nd to 24th March, 2018 and which will offer all the new solutions in terms of digitalisation and innovation. New initiatives in a 4.0 perspective, all aimed at making the experience of visitors, companies and exhibitors and 12 thematic shows even more synergic and active, with better layout inside the trade fair centre, featuring the construction of a new hall to ensure smoother exploration and greater orientation.

Starting from the South Entrance, which will feature the beating heart of the trade fair, the “Fabbrica Digitale 4.0” (Digital Factory 4.0), with 8 supply chains and 52 partners, ready to discuss systems and innovations in the field of digital integration that contribute to designing the industry of tomorrow, showing the decisive role of the enabling technologies 4.0 in the various sectors and application contexts. The themes at the centre include connectivity and tools for small business, collaborative robotics in a context of parametrised production and/or small batches, product development with method 4.0, simulation of products and processes, traceability, maintenance, additive manufacturing and logistics 4.0 .

Hall 6, on the other hand, will be dedicated to materials, with a predominant focus on plastics, rubber and related supply chains.

Among the special initiatives aimed at this sector, MECSPE will present “l’Arena dell’Economia Circolare 4.0” (the Arena of Circular Economy 4.0), a series of meetings organised in collaboration with Plastix magazine, on the occasion of its 40 years of activity, to discuss the circular economy. The topic of the reuse of material flows, that the enabling technologies of 4.0 can contribute to significantly, also in terms of innovation, redesign and harmonisation of the plastic material production cycles, will be discussed with the participation of associations and companies within the Arena designed by designer and architect Michele De Lucchi. Within the Arena it will be possible to learn, from a 4.0 perspective, about all the available technologies for a “circular” design that operates through the processing technologies, materials and life cycle of the product to reach the reuse of the materials. Outside the Arena there will also be a demo area with products on display and an itinerary providing more information.

Among the new materials on show, major emphasis will be placed on Non-Ferrous Materials, Alloys, Composites and related processing technologies.  

Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Alloys and Composites will be the focus of this new area which, through the exhibiting companies partaking in the trade fair and thematic conferences, will offer visitors interesting technology transfer ideas and new design and manufacturing solutions.

The show is sponsored by important associations, such as ASSOMET and ASSOFOND, which represent and group together companies aimed at the development of knowledge, processing and application of these materials, intervening with content and mini thematic conferences within the relative Square, a demo training area developed with the collaboration of partners such as MG12 Magnesium Network, Sportello Metalli di Unione Industriale di Torino (Metals Advisory Centre of the Employers’ Association of Turin), which will offer visitors interesting technological ideas thanks to the presence of high-tech products including Forvola®, the first Italian customisable megadrone made of carbon, aluminium and magnesium, and EVER S, a “super car” handcrafted and equipped with an aluminium body.

On the other hand, the Additive Manufacturing Show will focus on professional 3D printing technologies that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the production and prototyping process, ensuring greater flexibility with reduced costs and time.

But MECSPE is also a lot of training: after the successes of Modena and Brescia and the event in Naples on the 5th of February focusing on “Industry 4.0 and Aerospace”, the story for an Italian alternative to the industry 4.0 model continues with the last stage of “LABORATORI MECSPE FABBRICA DIGITALE, La via italiana per l’industria 4.0” (MECSPE DIGITAL FACTORY WORKSHOPS, The Italian way to industry 4.0): the final event of this series will involve a debate on the topics of training and new professional figures within the factory 4.0, with the presentation of national data from the MECSPE Observatory on Italian SMEs operating in the mechanical industry. The additive manufacturing topics will also be discussed in a conference area in hall 6: all the innovations in the sector will be presented through meetings and workshops that will illustrate the new scenarios of competition.


The numbers of MECSPE 2017

45,817 visitors, 105,000 m2 of exhibition space, 2,051 companies in attendance, 10 Squares of excellence, 58 Demonstrative units and processing islands, 7 product areas, 11 thematic shows, 75 training events organised by companies, universities and associations.


 The MECSPE trade shows

Machines and Tools – machine tooling, tools and equipment; Digital Factory – IT technologies for smart factory management; Motek Italy – factory automation; Power Drive – Systems – Parts – Mechatronics; Control Italy – metrology and quality control; Logistics – logistics, machines and equipment management systems; Mechanical Subsupply – outsourced industrial processes; Electronic Subsupply – design, electronic processing and components and accessories; Eurostampi, Machinery and subsupply of plastic materials – moulds and moulding; plastic material and rubber processing; Additive Manufacturing – rapid prototyping and 3D printing; Surface Treatments – machines and systems for surface treatments and finishes; New exhibition of non-ferrous materials and alloys – aluminium, titanium, magnesium, composites and technologies.


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