MECSPE relaunches the challenge on the combination of Industry 4.0 and training:

Not just technology, but investment in people for digital skills

From the Digital Factory Laboratories to the event at Parma’s Exhibition Centre, from 22 to 24 March 2018, MECSPE pursues its commitment to guide and support companies in the transformation into companies 4.0


The 2018 budget law is preparing to launch the second chapter of the Industry Plan 4.0. Along with the reconfirmation of the subsidies for super amortisations of machinery, although lower (from 140% to 130%), but above all the ultra amortisation, maintained at 250%, the fiscal incentives for investments will envisage measures to strengthen technical institutes and a large discount for the costs incurred by training firms 4.0: this is a three-year tax credit (2018-2020), which accounts for 50% of expenses up to 1m euros and only covers the company’s cost for staff for the period during which it is involved in training activities. Therefore, this is a signal that confidence in the fourth industrial revolution is continuing in the direction taken so far and that, along with the introduction of enabling technologies, is focusing on the elements that can trigger it and ensure its long-term growth: the skills of human capital.


These are prerogatives that are becoming key to entrepreneurs as well, according to the data of the MECSPE Observatory, which shows that 62.8% have adopted staff training activities for digital skills or are planning to do so soon, and that have always been at the heart of the leading manufacturing event 4.0 promoted by Senaf (MECSPE, Parma Exhibition Centre, from 22 to 24 March 2018), committed to guiding and supporting businesses as they turn into businesses 4.0, showing synergies and contamination between physical and digital components. A path made possible also thanks to the presence and support of associations, which are not just a simple expression of the business they represent, but active and direct forces with an active role in the process of change underway.


As in the case of CNA, an active part of the national industry network 4.0, which with Digital Business Points and Digital Innovation Hubs offers both advanced training on technology and specific solutions for the areas of expertise and the coordination of digital transformation facilities and technological transfer centres.


“The Government provided a good set of tools to support this industrial change, but we are still missing something to be able to attract most of our business fabric towards this topic, i.e. SMEs, which account for over 98% of our enterprises in total – says Roberto Zani, CNA Production National President It is therefore necessary to increasingly strengthen the transition to ‘Business 4.0’, finding ways and means to involve most of them by informing, promoting knowledge and awareness about phenomena that will inevitably involve the entire system. Perhaps it has never been so fundamental to have entrepreneurs recover a ‘vision’ of their role, being able to project it into the future, to imagine future scenarios in order to adopt the right decisions today”.


A strong position also supported by GMP – Gruppo Gomma Materiali Plastici Unindustria Reggio Emilia, which supports companies on technical, economic and legislative issues, and among its various activities it develops specific training, technical and professional education, stimulating the development of joint projects and increasing the representativeness and visibility of businesses in the sector.



“Without being demagogic or launching predictive slogans, I believe that for few companies, but in the near future I hope for a number of them, Industry 4.0 today currently represents a profound and necessary transformation – says Ivano Parmigiani, GMP President, Gruppo Gomma Materie Plastiche Unindustria Reggio EmiliaBut are our local businesses, especially SMEs, able to understand the scope and value of this metamorphosis? Will they be able to act a lobby, that is focus on common efforts to invest in specialised training, business culture, work organisation and, of course, in 4.0-oriented human resources? Secondly, will schools be able to open up to the business world to favour synergies? Will it be able to update its teachers, modernise and adapt laboratories, speak with students and their families about these issues, to strengthen career opportunities for youth 4.0? I think we need a different perspective, a common vision for all the players involved in protecting and strengthening the industrial fabric and employment levels in our areas.”


At MECSPE there will be not lack of analysis and tanks with the companies in the field of mechanics on the hottest topics, such as those held by Confartigianato, which will be attending the trade fair for the third year in a row with that the ‘Villaggio Confartigianato’, an institutional area with dozens of small outstanding manufacturers displaying the latest items and most recent offers in the sector.

“MECSPE is the main event in our industry and the renewal of the agreement with the Senaf Group enables all our existing entrepreneurs to be at the heart of this event – said Paolo Rolandi, President of the section of Confartigianato dealing with Mechanics and Subcontracting – The number of participating companies is increasing year on year, for this edition we have set as a target a further significant increase in the number of our affiliated companies compared to previous editions. As for Industry 4.0, our businesses (those part of Confartigianato – Ed.) are becoming the protagonists of this fourth industrial revolution. Indeed, there are more and more artisan companies that, following the innovative wave that favours the encounter between manufacturing and the internet, are developing so-called digital manufacturing. This is certainly an extraordinary opportunity if together with technological development we will also improve cultural expertise and the relative technical skills. We are doing our bit, as proven by the many training initiatives that our Associations spread all over the area are offering to our members and their employees.”


Along with the many opportunities offered by the event in Parma next March – which, once again, this year will host the “DIGITAL FACTORY MECSPE LABORATORIES, The Italian Way to Industry 4.0“, with a talk focusing on training topics and new professional figures in a factory 4.0 –Senaf’s series of touring initiatives will include a series of focus events, divided according to the target industry, where the top players of the sectors that make our country a global excellence will meet, involving leading entrepreneurs, trade associations and institutions. After the stops in Vicenza, Bari, Parma, and the recent events in Modena and Brescia, respectively dedicated to “Plastics and Automotive” and “Aluminium, light alloys and general mechanics”, will be the turn of Naples on 5 February with a debate on “Materials, Composites and Aerospace”.



The numbers of MECSPE 2017

45,817 visitors, 105,000 m2 of exhibition space, 2,051 companies in attendance, 10 Squares of excellence, 58 Demonstrative units and processing islands, 7 product areas, 11 thematic shows, 75 training events organised by companies, universities and associations.



The MECSPE trade shows

Machines and Tools – machine tooling, tools and equipment; Digital Factory – IT technologies for smart factory management; Motek Italy – factory automation; Power Drive – Systems – Parts – Mechatronics; Control Italy – metrology and quality control; Logistics – logistics, machines and equipment management systems; Mechanical Subsupply – outsourced industrial processes; Electronic Subsupply – design, electronic processing and components and accessories; Eurostampi, Machinery and subsupply of plastic materials – moulds and moulding; plastic material and rubber processing; Additive Manufacturing – rapid prototyping and 3D printing; Surface Treatments – machines and systems for surface treatments and finishes; New exhibition of non-ferrous materials and alloys – aluminium, titanium, magnesium, composites and technologies.



The stops of the DIGITAL FACTORY MECSPE LABORATORY, The Italian way to Industry 4.0”

The series of touring events created with the aim of crossing strategic areas that are facing the process of joining the National Industry Plan 4.0 continues. Following the success in Vicenza, Bari, Parma, Modena with a focus on “Plastics and Automotive” and in Brescia with the focus on “Aluminium, light allows and general mechanics”, the programme involves talks between entrepreneurs and associations in Naples on 5 February, where they will discuss “Materials, Composites and Aerospace”. The road map will end in Parma as part of MECSPE, with a debate on training and new professional figures in the factory 4.0


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