Industry 4.0’s business success stories at MECSPE. The rubber-plastic division is the protagonist of the Modena Workshops

Milan, September 2017 Italian industrial production is up by + 5.3% in comparison to the previous year, rising by 1.1% in June 2017, in terms of the average of the second quarter in comparison to the previous quarter, as well as in comparison with May. This is what emerges from the latest Istat data, which shows, in particular, an increase in the rubber and plastic items industry of 1.5% compared to May, and 4.5% compared to June 2016, confirming a key role in the ‘Made in Italy’ economy for this industry.

In a political scenario of impetus and incentives for innovation and internationalisation, whereby the Government has distributed almost 20 billion to the Industry Plan 4.0 so far, MECSPE (Parma Fairground, from 22 to 24 March 2018), continues its commitment with Senaf as a leading 4.0 manufacturing fair, organising training sessions with companies, universities and associations during the three days at Parma, and itinerant events during the year to promote business culture in the most strategic territories which are facing the process of transformation into factories of the future.


“In a scenario where data from industrial production confirms a structural recovery and, as recently photographed by Unioncamere, Italian exports are back to recording good results with +€ 26.7 billion in the 2014-2016 three-year period, creating opportunities for meetings and discussion on Industry 4.0 is an effective way to help relaunch the country – commented Emilio Bianchi, Director of Senaf – In this context, MECSPE is helping build the factory of the future, representing a must-attend event for the top ‘made in Italy’ manufacturing businesses that make innovation the key to their success”.


Innovation specifically is proving to be a strategic asset essential for rubber-plastic companies, which are increasingly making technology the decisive choice to focus on. This is the case for SIGIT, among the protagonists presented by ANFIANational Automotive Industry Operators Association in the first leg of October 9th in Modena of the “MECSPE Laboratories – DIGITAL FACTORY, the Italian Way for Industry 4.0“, dedicated to the union between plastic and automotive.

, a SOAG EUROPE Group company operating in the plastics and rubber moulding industry of the automotive and appliance industries, with a mission of growth in the EMEA market, has become the promoter of the Open Plast project, which is the Italian response to the manufacturers of machines/systems and transformers in the plastics and rubber industry for Factory 4.0, obtaining funding from the Piedmont Region within the area dedicated to the Smart Factory.


The heart of the open source system is a database with in memory technology that brings together information from the factory, in native mode on machines already prepared for dialogue through the use of EUROMAP standards and through devices that will allow retrofitting on the existing fleet of machines.

Thanks to this innovative, open, expandable and scalable platform, various specialised players can develop dedicated applications to enrich the offered range of services. These services may include – by way of example – integration with business ERP systems, shop monitoring, scheduling and optimisation of production scheduling, energy management and optimisation, remote and predictive maintenance, control of feeding and cooling systems, the integration of automatic warehouses to augmented reality systems in the maintenance sector, for example.


Every company can activate the modules and services according to their needs, making the system flexible and open to future developments. In addition, this platform will facilitate the interconnection and integration of various systems from different suppliers.

“The provocative proposal that companies want to launch is to make sure that the success of Factory 4.0 initiatives cannot be ignored by a specialised and vertical approach by industry or segment – says Emanuele Buscaglione, CEO of SOAG EUROPE Group – The objective of our project, selected by the Digital Innovation Hub Piedmont as an example of excellence to be taken to a national level in its industry, is to become a reference point for the various industry players to work side by side, avoiding the proliferation of parallel programs that would risk spreading the resources destined for innovation here, there and everywhere. In order to close the gap with the rest of Europe, and in particular Germany, – continues Buscaglione – it is essential to bring together industry experience and resources in order to have the enabling and accelerating factors when adopting these technologies.


Following the success of Modena, the Italian alternative to the industry 4.0 model will continue with 3 new legs of theMECSPE Laboratory – DIGITAL FACTORY, the Italian Way for Industry 4.0“: in Brescia, on 13 November, in an appointment dedicated to “Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium and General Mechanical Engineering”; in Naples, on 5 February, in which “Materials, Composites and Aerospace” will be discussed, and at the closing leg during MECSPE, which will address the central role that man, with his uniqueness and prerogatives, must continue to maintain in a digitalised world.



The numbers of MECSPE 2017

45,817 visitors, 105,000 sqm of exhibition space, 2,051 companies in attendance, 10 Squares of excellence, 58 Demonstrative units and processing islands, 7 product areas, 11 thematic shows, 75 training events organised by companies, universities and associations.


The MECSPE trade shows

Machines and Tools – machine tooling, tools and equipment; Digital Factory – IT technologies for smart factory management; Motek Italy – factory automation; Power Drive – Systems – Parts – Mechatronics; Control Italy – metrology and quality control; Logistics – logistics, machines and equipment management systems; Mechanical Subsupply – outsourced industrial processes; Electronic Subsupply – design, electronic processing and components and accessories; Eurostampi, Machinery and subsupply of plastic materials – moulds and moulding; plastic material and rubber processing; Additive Manufacturing – rapid prototyping and 3D printing; Surface Treatments – machines and systems for surface treatments and finishes; New exhibition of non-ferrous materials and alloys – aluminium, titanium, magnesium, composites and technologies.


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