CDO Networking Business Area

Cdo is an association that aims to support entrepreneurs, nonprofit entities, managers and professionals in the development of businesses and professional activities in an orientation for the good of all. Those who participate are driven by a desire to address the entrepreneurial, professional, socioeconomic and cultural challenges of our time in an integrally human way and with innovative tools. Therefore, the Cdo promotes relationships, meetings and tools that foster openness, knowledge and accompaniment to well-founded and informed choices and decisions.

Cdo Compagnia delle Opere has activated a partnership with Fiera Mecspe to enable members from the mechanical, logistics and ict sector to participate in the 2023 edition with discounted forms.

In the context of international trade fairs, Cdo recognizes MECSPE as a benchmark for the manufacturing industry, sharing its focus on innovation, training, digitization and sustainability as strategic growth assets for companies in 4. 0.

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