Assogalvanica Area

ASSOGALVANICA: a constant commitment to safety

PAD 22 – C13

ASSOGALVANICA is an association of galvanic businessmen, most of whom run micro and small enterprises, who are confronted with safety issues on a daily basis and are aware of the risks they run. It is therefore no coincidence that SAFETY is among ASSOGALVANICA’s most important commitments.

Safety in the workplace is achieved – certainly – by implementing all risk management measures. Risks identified by means of a careful assessment, carried out by specialised personnel, of each of the tasks and related operating conditions required by the work being done. But this is not enough! Because there is no safety without staff information and training. This is perhaps the most important because the most difficult part of any safety management system to implement, and it is on information and training that ASSOGALVANICA’s initiatives focus.

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