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In this section you will find all the useful information in order to give more visibility to your activities, your products and your services.

Graphic materials downloadable for free

(with new date 10-12 Giugno 2021)

LOGOS AND BANNER to highlight your presence at MECSPE.
You can insert them in your e-mail or on your website.

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Assembling, Dismantling Dates and Technical Services

Click the button below to download the up-to-dated technical booklet, useful to learn the new assembling / dismantling dates and to request technical services:
Download the technical booklet   Download the technical regulations

N.B.:Exhibitors with already approved project and formalized hangings points for the spring edition are exempt from sending new projects and / or changes. The agreements already signed and confirmed will be considered valid and irrevocable

SENAF SRL: tecnico@mecspe.com

RAW AREAS: we remind you that in the project of your stand the walls and the signs must not exceed the maximum height of m 3,00; possible exceptions can be authorized after you send the project by mail: tecnico@mecspe.com

We also remind you that, as per general conditions, it is not possible to close more than the 50% of the single open sides (art. 7).
Any requests for hanging items shall be submitted by and no later than 21 August 2020 to tecnico@mecspe.com by sending a detailed technical plan.
The plan shall be delivered to SENAF by and no later than 07 August 2020 and, following its assessment and in compliance with the maximum heights given in the Event Regulations, will get an answer/approval.
After Senaf’s approval, Fiere di Parma shall quote the anchoring points.
Requests received after the above given deadline shall be rejected.

Furniture and booths

You can request the furniture by the exhibition application form. Possible additional furniture (display cases, chairs etc) can be examined and ordered directly in the GIPLANET website.

TEL +39 049 5801243

Ask for information

Online services reserved to Exhibitors

All exhibitors will receive the credentials to access the web portal. These credentials will be sent to the person in charge you stated in the application form. By clicking on the link in the mail and inserting the credentials, you will have access to your own personal page and to the following services:

  • compilation of data for the catalogue guide
  • insertion of logos for online catalogue
  • insertion of represented companies
  • insertion of press releases
  • download of the technical booklet
  • exhibitors passes
  • free digital invitation (parking included) for your top clients

If you have not received the credentials yet, you can contact: luisella.borsa@senaf.it

square meters
thematic halls

(*Data – 2019 edition)