Solution Award

3rd Edition

Award for the best industrial robotic application or service made by Italian companies.

Horizons section

Special mention for prototypes and experimental innovations in robotics, new devices or new technology with a high potential for future applications or new sectors of robotics.


The applications are evaluated by the Technical-Scientific Committee (TSC) appointed by the ‘Integrated Automation’ magazine according to the following

  • excellence: technologically innovative elements, features ahead of the current state of the art, flexibility and adaptability of the solution, resistance to failures and unforeseen issues, interaction I4.0
  • impact: competitive edge acquired through the application, benefit in terms of productivity or improvement of conditions of use, trend-setting effect on the applicable sector

Candidates must support evaluation elements with quantitative and measurable indicators.


The confidential nature of the material and information provided is guaranteed by the TSC throughout the selection stage and after the awards ceremony. The winner will have the opportunity to present the application during the Awards Ceremony.

The candidate may indicate and enclose a public version of the video to be used during the Ceremony and during opportunities to promote the Winner (magazine website, news, etc.).