Major producer of Premium Quality Grinding, Polishing and Deburring Machinery

LOESER GmbH is a major producer of Premium Quality Grinding, Polishing and Deburring Machinery and a global leader in technology required to produce super high quality surface finishes.

Loeser designs  from very simple one station machines to completely automate multiple station systems. Loeser pressure controlled grinding technology allows to provide heavy stock removal, tolerance grinding and fine finishing.  Loeser prides itself in innovation using the latest technologies in machine controls and mechanical and electrical components. 

Careful and accurate evaluation of each customer’s specific requirements is the highest priority for the company. From other side customers benefit greatly from Loeser’s decades of experience in developing thousands of grinding processes and assured a reliable machine and process.

Loeser’s product line has been recently expanded to include complete continuous through feed chrome plating systems. This new addition combined with Loeser continuous through feed induction hardening systems makes Loeser the only producer of surface technology systems for bars and pipes able to offer all of the following solutions:

Through feed induction hardening

Through feed belt grinding pre chrome

Through feed continuous chrome plating

Through feed polishing post chrome

Through feed application of special wax for added corrosion resistance

Loeser has produced several such complete systems that are currently in production.

Producing machines and complete systems for the industry for over 75 years, Loeser has persistently continued to further develop and refine the existing fundamental technologies. Based on reliable machine technology, Loeser is well respected globally for its ability to develop new and efficient systems that can be installed in a customers plant and running in a remarkable short amount of time.

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