MECSPE Sustainability Pathway

Sustainability is a crucial topic in corporate strategy and 8 out of 10 SMEs consider it as a top priority. Embarking on a sustainability path, including its three areas – environmental, social and governance – is an essential choice to be able to meet many global challenges and respond to market and stakeholder demands.

The EcoFriendly Path evolves into the MECSPE Sustainability Pathway, an initiative aimed at giving visibility and rewarding exhibitors who have already embarked on a path of sustainability: we propose you to fill out the following questionnaire aimed at defining an initial company positioning with respect to the theme.

The path is curated by Project Hub 360, main partner of the initiative.

The social area will be expanded thanks to the integration of the HR ESG Accelerator project, financed by the Job Italia Employment Agency, in partnership with the Department of Economics of the University of Salento, CONFIMI Industria Bari, Csqa and LUM. 

Following completion, you will be included, if eligible, in the MECSPE Sustainability Pathway with the award of a plaque that will make you identifiable to journalists and visitors as a company that has embarked on a path of sustainability.
In addition, the three companies that have achieved the most in terms of sustainability will be rewarded at the trade fair during the presentation of the Sustainability Goal Award data. In order to be able to define the companies to be awarded, on the basis of the answers to the questionnaire, follow-up questions will be sent or an interview will be conducted to obtain more information and complete the selection.

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Training Areas (e.g. Strategy & Governance, Sustainability Reporting, Management & Risk Systems, Logistics & Procurement, Information Systems, Diversity & Inclusion, Communication, Sustainable Finance, etc.) and which persons are trained (e.g. governance bodies, managers, employees, etc.).