Piazza MECH by Clust-ER MECH


Hall 30 - A70

The Mechatronics and Advanced manufacturing Clust-ER (Clust-ER MECH) is an association of over 140 companies, research centres and training bodies, sharing skills, ideas and resources to support competitiveness and innovation in the advanced manufacturing sector.

The association is a multiplier of innovation opportunities thanks to the synergy between the private and public sectors and to the continuous collaboration with the regional government, with the aim to develop strategic projects and actions and to promote the main supply chains of Emilia-Romagna, also at international level.

From March 6th to 8th, Clust-ER MECH will manage “Piazza MECH”, a multifunctional space that features exhibition and meeting areas and that will host 11 of Clust-ER’s members. The space is also equipped with a designated speaking area where presentations and workshops will be organized for the whole duration of the event.