New LinMot linear rotative motor PR02

Product: New LinMot linear rotative motor PR02

Level of innovation: New LinMot linear rotative motor PR02

Application sectors: Bottling machines for food market, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors; screwing and tapping; pick & place.

Advantages: Thanks to this new design, the user benefits from the use of a single compact device that allows both linear and rotary movements using a direct drive technology. This type of technology also makes it possible to obtain an accurate reading of the absorbed current, which translates into great precision in force and torque control. With the addition of force sensors (optional), it is possible to discriminate 0.1 Newton of force.

This year PAMOCO will present the full range of the new linear-rotational motors produced by LinMot.
The PR02 series motors are characterized by a new design with a very compact device body that integrates the linear motor, the rotary motor, the magnetic spring and the torque sensor (optional).
The MAG SPRING spring ensures that the force caused by the moving load mass is passively compensated, while the torque sensor allows for precise, reproducible and adjustable capping processes as required, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry. This prevents the axis from falling when the motor is not powered. The motors are available in three sizes with strokes up to 300 mm, peak force up to 572 N and peak torque up to 12 Nm. The actuator body has a smooth surface with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
The new PR02 series motors are already available for sale.

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