Atlas Copco solution

Atlas Copco are specialists in assembly processes for metals and lightweight materials. They provides high performance tools and services to a number of focused industries where performance and outcome of the assembly process are essential. Besides the physical equipment, Atlas Copco offer real time control, process support and operator guidance. And in addition to the assembly process Atlas Copco offers extensive support and applications for maintenance and process performance analytics. The various services are based on Tools Net and the Smart Service platform, which is an open platform connection for tools and devices from Atlas Copco and third parties.

Smart connected tools

The core in any solution from Atlas Copco Industrial Technique are the tools. The tools range from high precision low torque tools, to tools for high speed assembly. From fastenings with large clamping force in the construction industry, to the challenges in the white goods industry. The tools for lightweight material include gluing and riveting tools. All tools, whether electrical or pneumatic, and independently of fastening technology, are made in multiple designs to meet different ergonomic needs.

The intelligence of the smart connected tools are built from three capabilities

  • a real time controller in the tool

  • multiple sensors to measure the process

  • wired or wireless connectivity 

The real time controller monitors and controls the tool operation with 8 kHz and is programmed to deliver an optimal and ergonomic process profile. In addition, it ensures safety through communication with various safety systems.

Different sensors have for a long time been essential to control the high performance tools and to guarantee consistent quality and performance. Atlas Copco’s advanced tools are equipped with sensors for angle, torque, speed, acceleration, vibrations, temperature, and energy consumption.

Multiple protocols and communication technologies like Bluetooth, wifi, and 5G are supported to enable utilization of a plants communication infrastructure. 

Smart assembly systems  

When smart connected tools are used to support an assembly line together with other connected systems, real benefits can be achieved. This is where Quality Assurance and Service are integrated with production in a loop to feedback information. Atlas Copco calls this concept Smart Connected Assembly.

The smart connected assembly is a networked system with distributed logic and intelligence, where the assembly process and tools requirement are controlled by the piece on the workbench and the outcome is reported to the production system. The assembly process is controlled by the Atlas Copco system which integrates the tools with operator guidance, pick to light, 3D positioning, visual projections on piece, or augmented reality solutions.

Services to improve productivity and quality are taken to a new level with the smart connected assembly concept. Atlas Copco offer solutions to optimize the assembly process based on detailed sensor data and big data analytics. This enables higher performance and quality of a fastening, and it also enables improved performance of the entire assembly process.

The increased data on tool usage and tool performance enables a more efficient maintenance of the tools. Atlas Copco’s service concept includes tool management systems to monitor usage. To determine maintenance needs based on advanced statistical models and predictive maintenance. As a result, tool availability at the right location can always be guaranteed. The life cycle cost will also be reduced as maintenance is optimized.

The smart connected assembly concept facilitates feedback loops between Service, Production and Product Development. Problems detected by field service in regular quality inspections can be traced back to assembly and product design in order to identify its root cause.



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